To learn French from 
3 to 8 years old, 

there's nothing better than...children!

Discover our immersive videos to learn French with native French children, for a natural and emotional learning.

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Gold medalist at the Lépine Contest

Awarded for its innovative approach and results, KOKORO Lingua was also a finalist at the London Bett Awards 2020 alongside Lego and Microsoft! 

Inspired by Dr. Maria Montessori's pedagogy

Developed by experts, our pedagogy is based on the natural curiosity of the child to develop an emotional learning, including observations, rehearsals and games.

Teaching by native French speakers

For 10 minutes, your child is immersed in a video animated by native French children their own age. Your child observes and imitates and plays with their fun new friends.

250 simple words and sentences

With the complete program
and its 36 immersive videos,
your child acquires in pleasure
250 words and phrases
to express themself easily in French.

Already tested by thousands of children in school or with their families:

I find that the learning approach is excellent. My 2 children aged 5 and 8 now want to learn French.

They are the ones who ask me when we are going to watch the video! They have fun! And it's them who ask me to train and play with numbers. In a week, the little girl can count to 10.

Well done, the concept is great.

James Taylor

Father of 2 children

I like to learn and sing in French with Kokoro. I don't want to say 'Au revoir' because I want to keep talking to them.

Amelia, 4 years old

Children are speaking French and I do the same. I love it. They speak French better than my teacher.

Harry, 5 years old

The parents are enthusiastic.

Our school has always been open to innovative projects.

The strength of the Kokoro concept is its playfulness.

There is no pressure linked with results, nothing is asked of the students, except to take pleasure in viewing these videos.

Emily Smith

School director

An innovative and rewarding educational approach: